Jack Herper Herbal Tobacco Blends 5PCS

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Herbal smoking blends –Jack Herer Terpenes is a unique 100% nicotine and tobacco-free herbal fusion enriched with Jack Herer Terpenes.

Jack Herer is perfect for elevating your mood, increasing creativity, and producing a massive boost in energy.

The terpenes that fuel these effects are terpinolene, caryophyllene, and myrcene.

These three primary terpenes are also responsible for the candy-like sweetness found when indulging in Jack Herer.

Ripe fruit, cotton candy, and pine needles are all present due to this mixture of unique terpenes, which makes Jack Herer a must-try at any time of the day.


Identical to Terpenes yet extracted from natural sources, they enhance the blend’s flavor while avoiding the psychoactive effects.

The rich mixture of organic marshmallow, licorice root, mullein, and raspberry leaves, supplemented by the refined effect of Jack Herer Terpenes, provides a unique smoking experience.

Contains 20 gr of a natural smoking blend.


Ingredients: Raspberry | Mullein | Marshmallow | Liquorice| Jack Herer Terpenes|

WARNING: Smoking is bad for your health

All our terpenes products are THC & CBD  free.

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