Cyclone Clear Cones Blueberry 24


The original cyclone pre rolled transparent cone ( clear ) BlueBerry  flavour

all the the cyclone cones are pre-rolled  with a roach tip so there ready made for you saves your  time rolling that perfect blunt.Each cone is fully packed with a fruity flavour that will leave you wanting more.from start to finish leaving a nice clean burn down to the tip .  the best part about the cyclone cones they come in there own protective plastic tube

that keeps them nice and fresh and to keeps  them safe from damage . the size of the tube is 110mm king size .  will also give you that extra benefit for your next blunt to go in.

Each  cone is made from natural Asiatic cotton mallow which compared to normal rolling papers the burn is much slower and gives you that smoother to smoke

. BlueBerry  Flavoured

. Made from Asiatic Cotton Mallow

. Pre-Rolled With A Roach

. Tobacco Free

. Length 110mm

. 1 Cone Per Tube

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