Cigarette filters are mainly designed to soak up vapors and to accumulate particulate smoke parts. Filters conjointly forestall tobacco from coming into a smoker's mouth and supply a mouthpiece that will not collapse because the cigarette is smoked. Filters typically have the subsequent components:


A "plug" of acetate cellulose filter tow

95% of cigarette filters are products of cellulose acetate (a plastic), and also the balance is formed from papers and textiles. The cellulose acetate tow fibers area unit diluent than stitching thread, white, and packed tightly along to make a filter; they will appear as if cotton. alternative materials are tried and rejected in favor of the style that acetate produces. 


How many fibers are during a cigarette filter?

Spreading apart the matrix reveals a number of the quite twelve thousand white fibers. Microscopically, these fibers are formed and contain delustrant oxide. The fibers area unit product of cellulose acetate, an artificial plastic-like substance used unremarkably for photographic films. 

An inner plug wrap and glue

The paper used to wrap the acetate cellulose plug is water-resistant to air for normal cigarettes, or is ventilated and extremely porous in "light" cigarettes, permitting additional air to enter the smoke combine. A polyvinyl acetate emulsion is used as the glue connects the plug to the wrapper and to seam the wrapper.


An outer paper (tipping paper)

The tipping paper covers the filter to the column of tobacco. Tipping paper is developed to not adhere to the lips of smokers.

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