Cyclone Blunts are super slow-burning, pre-rolled blunt cones. Not only are they double wrapped within the finest tobacco leaves, however, they even have bamboo tips that are soaked in flavor for seven days!

Cyclones are a number of the world's initial pre-rolled, flavored tobacco wraps. The pre-rolled “Cyclone” cone shape permits the user to simply place their tobacco inside the wrap with no spillage. An inbuilt paper air filter and enclosed packing tools augment the convenience of Cyclones!

 Cigcorp Wholesalers Australia has one of the largest Cyclones Blunt & Wrap collection in Australia. We recommend calling us for more information . We welcome bulk orders. We offer price match guarantee. 

Products for "CYCLONES BLUNT & WRAP"

  Cyclones Hemp Cone Original 24pk


Cyclones Clear Cone Mean Green 24pk



Cyclones Hemp Cone Purple 24pk
Cyclones Hemp Cone Blue 24pk

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