"BIC" is really a shortened version of founder Marcel Bich's name. Who IS that small GUY STANDING NEXT TO THE BIC® LOGO? that is the "BIC Boy." He was originally drawn as a schoolboy, with a head within the form of a ball, holding a pen behind his back. the primary BIC lighter came out in 1973. it absolutely was accessible in 5 solid colors, every marketing for under $1.49. BIC's lighter was an immediate answer to Gillette's Cricket, which at the time was the sole disposable lighter on the market. BIC merchandise have been regarding quality, safety, and affordability. Bic complied by putting in a metal guard that has got to be firmly so as to rotate the spark wheel. Technically the guard is intended to stop “85% of kids underneath the age of fifty-one months” from lighting up. The BIC lighter’s responsibleness, affordability, safety options, and clever “Flick My BIC” promotion created it a second hit. the safety guard is often simply removed by gapping the metal tabs on the top and popping it off. additionally to creating the lighter easier to ignite, it permits you to dry the spark wheel if it’s wet by rolling it on your leg or jacket sleeve. 

Cigcorp Australia has many different BIC Lighter Range 

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  BIC Futureistic Lighters 50PK


BIC Kaleidoscope Lighters 50PK




BIC shoptalk Lighters 50PK

BIC Nostalgia Lighters 50PK

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